NGOs: The African Children’s Education Trust

5 Mar

Take a look at my interview from 2008 with David Stables , who runs an NGO from a tiny council flat not far from where I live in Leicester.

David Stables says NGOs must work within ways that are suitable for Africa

David Stables says NGOs must work within ways that are suitable for Africa

The African Children’s Education Trust (A-CET) is an NGO that takes a more participative approach with an “Ethiopians are the best people to help Ethiopia” attitude.

A-CET brings full-time education and training to thousands of land-mine victims, AIDS orphans and street children, of which 20% are disabled.

They particularly focus on vulnerable children, because culture and tradition still condemns them to exploitation and begging in many areas of Northeast Africa.

It has retained its independence through relying on private voluntary donations, receiving no lottery, corporate or government funding and has minimal overheads with no professional fund raising or consultancy fees, which enables 90% of donations to go directly to the children.

What steers this NGO towards a more horizontal approach to development is that it works in partnership with the Ethiopian Youth Educational Support (EYES), which is run by previous students of the trust. It’s been going for over a decade with this approach which I believe is quite progressive thinking for small NGO emerging in the 1990s.

You can watch their quick video here and catch my interview here – it’s from last year but would be an interesting case study to compare with more familiar NGOs.


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